Friday, January 23, 2009

coupons and saving money

i thought for my first post i would talk about one of my favorite things saving money and using coupons since using coupons i must have saved hundreds on groceries as me and my husband are on a disabilty it is crucual for us to use money wisley getting paid only once a month does not leave much money for the imagination ( thoes of you who have gone through tough times know what i mean) in these days we all need to save money and the one thing that all through the 2 and 1/2 years i have been married that has saved me money is using coupons. these coupons are just like money with one diffrence they take money off your grocery bill say you go to the grocery store and spend $200 dollars and use 20.00 in coupons if you tally that at the end of the year with using 20.00 in coupons each time you would have saved $220 dollars that is alot if you tally up free product coupons and rebates it will be alot more. now i can just see by now some rolling there eyes but coupons do work being frugal does work it has worked for me.

i have a list of diffrent coupon sites to view


go coupons

p&g everyday solutions

coupon network

for alantic provinces only

val pak

the next few are sites with coupons as well as flyers


make sure to change your city


p&g everyday solutions

cool savings

val pak;jsessionid=86EDCAC88BEC4214D802F6CC3678AA5E

now more on saving money

you can also save money by doing the folowing

* shopping for deals
* price matching - some stores do it if you see a price that is lower then theres they will give it to you for that price
* SCOOP - this is when they scan it and it comes up wrong they have to give it to you for the tag price
* stacking coupons - using a coupon for each product you buy this is like when you buy 4 klenexs you would use a coupon for each one most stores allow it but quite a few do not
* only using coupons for things you use or need - i use to get coupons for everything but i found this leads to alot of inpulse buying so only get/use coupons on things you need/use
* trading coupons/ coupon trains - i have found doing this is quite useful there are diffrent coupons in diffrent stores and diffrent regions so trading online by email/groups is a good way yahoo has lots of them also joining trains is another good way a train is an envlope full of coupons going to diffrent people they have a list of passangers when you get it you would take out coupons you need and replace it with the same dollar amount of coupons you took
* join coupon groups - coupon groups are not just for coupons they also are for sharing money saving ideas yahoo has some of the best ones (must be a member of yahoo to join) but do a serch on yahoo you will find all kinds here are some i know about


trading post coupons

pantry challange coupon exchange canada

Canadian Coupons

Canadian Coupon Club


Canadian Coupons at SmartCanucks

i hope you got some usful information from me stay tune untill my next blog entry there is lots of fun to come and not just about coupons and savings :)