Thursday, February 26, 2009

clare's blog candy giveaway - some great things in this package

found this on the net claire's blog crafty card clutter has posted her candy giveaway for have 10,000 visitors on her blog wich looks real great a package of scrapbook/card making suplies some real great stuff in there go to her blog for more info on this giveaway but you only have a week to enter

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

why am I up at 3AM ??? and a great sewing project

well here i am at 3am still up i usally shut this off by 11pm 12 am latest iam so wiered i slept today until 4:30 pm for some reason maybe i'm comming down with a cold (I hope not ,I hate to be sick too much to do) besides i have to get my apartment clean i have a eltrican coming next week don't want him to see my basment apartment in shambles (its small enough down here...LOL_) anyways so i have decided to look up my favorite things on the net craft and sewing projects and found such a great bag to sew its a patch work bag that is reversible (well its a string backpack) i think its so great i don't usally where these things but i love quilting and it looks so hype so if i ever get my sewing mashine working that my nice landlord gave me to use (bless you kimberly) or get a new one i will try tomake this bag the tutorial for this bag is here on this nice lady's blog here is a picture of the bag

see what i mean just perfect in my opion i think i will make them for my neices who are 12 and 14 they will love them by the way here is the link

now if i can just goto sleep if anyone has any ideas please tell me by leaving me a coment i need to have some sleep maybe i can read my new book i'm reading i swear i read more then some people i should blog about that one day must make a mental note of that ....LOL

Saturday, February 21, 2009

use ufile for free tofile your taxes - canadians only

hello everyone sorry its been a while but not much been going on here but i just filed my taxes and i seam to always get confused doing the taxes so this year i found out about if you live in canada and make less then 20,000 a year you may use their service for free (a 15.99 value) it was so easy to use they ask a few questions you input your tax info and they calculate everything and even tell you how much you will recive back and then you can print it off and send it in or save the file so you can use the CRA's netfile service so give it try its really great saves the hasstle of puching numbers and doing it yourself


to find out more about netfile go here to the CRA's website

Monday, February 9, 2009

mom's budget coupons

found this site a while ago its just like a coupon train you go online pick what coupons you want out they send them to you and you send them the same dollar amount back its such a great idea i recived mined today and once they recive your coupons you can get more from them what a great thing they have usa and canadian coupons wich conviently enough have there own catagory

here is what they say onthere site

"all these coupons are offered for FREE. In exchange, we ask that you mail your extra coupons back to us, and recommend the site to others. Here you will find listings of all our available coupons for both the US & Canada (we have separate categories for each, so be sure you are searching in the right one :) We also have a large "CANADA ONLY" on all the Canadian coupons.
While you can pick as many individual coupons as you need, you can only order one each. If the expiry date is only a few weeks away, we will often lift the limits if we still have enough. Likewise, if we get an excess of some coupons because it seems everyone has sent one of them to us, we might lift the limits too.
How does it work? Think of it as a coupon train - we send you the coupons you want, and then we ask you send us coupons worth the same value back to us. You can also send us uncut inserts, if you are sending 15 pages of inserts or more. Remember, the more coupons you send us, the more people will use the service, meaning even more coupons are available for everyone!"

so visit there website to sere what coupons are avalible

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentine Bear Recipe/Photo Holder

i love cooking and i never have a place to put my recipe card so i usally put them on the counter and they get dirty this way so maybe making this cute little bear recipe holder will help also nice to hold a favorite photo too

Materials and Supplies:

Premo! Sculpey (1 block of each color)
White (5001)
Cadmium Red (5382)
Raw Sienna (5392)
Ecru (5093)
Black (5042)
Silver (5129)
16-gauge brass wire

Hobby pliers

Wire cutter
Black Marker

“ E” Beads
Straight Pins or toothpicks
Pasta Machine, clay dedicated
Kemper Heart Cutters
Sculpey Super Slicer Cutting Blade


Step 1. For the bear body, roll a 7/8” ball of Raw Sienna into a cone. Flatten both ends slightly. Insert straight pin halfway into body.

Step 2. For the legs, roll two 11/16” balls of Raw Sienna into tapered logs. Attach to sides of body.

Step 3. For the arms, roll two 5/8” balls of Raw Sienna into tapered logs and attach to sides of body.

Step 4. Roll four 3/16” balls of Ecru. Flatten each and attach to ends of legs and arms. Use the top of a straight pin to indent paw prints. Roll a 3/8” ball of Ecru and flatten into shape of oval. Attach to the belly of bear.

Step 5. For the bear’s head, roll 7/8” ball of Raw Sienna. Press two “E” beads into head for eyes. Use pin to make squint marks. Roll two 5/16” balls of Raw Sienna into ½” logs. Fold in half, attach as ears. For muzzle, roll ¼” ball of Ecru. Flatten into oval and attach to face under the eyes. Roll 1/8” ball of Black, flatten and attach as nose. Use pin to draw mouth and the line from nose to mouth. For bow, mix Cadmium Red and White to achieve desired shade of pink. Form bow using heart cutters and a small dot in the center. Attach to head and then press head onto body.

Step 6. For tray of cookies, roll a rectangle (approx. 1 ½” x 1”) of Silver. Use Ecru and pink clay to make the heart shaped cookies.

Step 7. To make sentiment sign, roll rectangles of White and pink clay. Stack White rectangle on top and after the project bakes, use black pen to write sentiment. Cut a piece of 1 ½” wire, insert halfway into sign.

Step 8. To make base, flatten a 1 3/8” ball of pink into an oval. The oval should be about 3” long to accommodate the bear and tray of cookies. If desired, twist a rope of pink and White and attach along the edge of base.

Step 9. Press bear and cookie tray onto base. Place sentiment sign behind cookies. To make wire recipe/photo holder, cut a piece of wire 5 – 6” long. Use hobby pliers to twist end 2 ½ times into a circle. Insert beside bear. Bake according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Friday, February 6, 2009

free swich it off sticker - to remind us to turn our computers off

I am all about saving power so i thought this freebie will be one of my first freebies posted here as we spend so much time on our computers but how many of us acually turn them off ???? I know iam a bad one for that i can sometimes be on this computer all day, or when i do go out i will leave it on and forget to shut it off i know computers can be such power suckers but without them i believe we would be lost. so maybe this sticker will remind us to shut them off (hopefully)
To learn more about this project visit here first

If all 100,000 readers of PC Pro shut down their computers down and turned them off at the wall overnight, instead of leaving them on, it would save enough electricity to power around 12,000 homes. And save you or your companies around £4 million a year in the process. So to help you, your colleagues or family remember to power down, PC Pro is once again offering our FREE Switch IT Off stickers. The stickers can be easily affixed to PCs, monitors, printers or any other peripheral, providing a visual reminder to power down before you head out of the door. We will provide up to 10 free stickers to each household, and up to 50 stickers to every business, school, college, university or other organisation. Stickers are subject to availability and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. To apply for your stickers simply click here to fill out the online form.

Direct link:

For more of my freebies i find on the internet for canadians (but alot of them are worldwide as well) please visit my website canadian freebie world

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

saving money on scrapbooking

I think of myself as an active crafter but one of my favorite things to do is scrapbooking but i find buying all the suplies can be costly so here are inexpensive ways to get the scrapbook suplies you need

one way is to print scrapbook pages and embelishments from your computer the folowing sites are some of my favorite to print scrapbook stuff

These ones are for baby books

aother way to save money when scrapbookings to do digital scrapbooking you could do your whole pages this way including the photos ad print them off there are a variety of progams to use as soon as i find more info i will post it