Friday, January 17, 2014

Insomnia sucks

As of late i have been having sleeping problems also know as insomnia. At least twice this week i have had insomnia epsoides i know having depression can make you have insomnia but since being on prozac i have never had an episode until now. Why suddenly i am having these episodes i have no clue it had started to drive me nuts all i wanted was to be able to fall asleep but i was not even tired 2 am would come still not tired but i would go lie down anyway 4 am comes still not asleep then 6 am would come i would start to feel tired but i believe more out of frustration then actual tiredness. So today i went to the doctor asked his option he said that the electronics before bed can cause insomnia. But i ask myself how is it never bothered me before why now ? So he gave me some sleeping pills and sent me on my way i really dont want to start taking sleeping pills but i have promised myself to only take them if absolutely necessary. I hope by doing things like no caffeine or computer an hour before bed as the doctor said. Weather it work i dont know i had never had problems with any of these things so why now ?