Monday, November 30, 2009


Here are your freebies for freebie monday

matchbook of nail files free with request

Here is a website that i found all you need to do is click on english on the top of the page. then click contact on the top of page and email them for your free matchbook of nails files... i just sent my out today but one of my friend did this about 2 months ago and received her already. so i guess it works...

share your concept - free beauty pack

free bracelet with filled out form by clarins

takes about 4-6 weeks to come but is really sharp. enter one of the codes below


free KLM luggage tags

Throw away those boring luggage tags and give your baggage a new look by designing your own, unique tag. You can use a photo of your family, your favorite destination, or, to make it easier, you can choose from one of the images pre-selected by KLM.
Two tags will be made with your design to ensure you can easily recognize your bags among thousands of others. Or, you can give the tags to someone else as a gift.

FREE 151 Travel Tips Booklet

FREE 8x10 photo prints from - Expires Dec.6/09

Enter code






Free Fillable Suzee Que Vintage Labels (printable)

These are wonderful Vintage labels with framed designs in PDF templates in Mailing and Shipping Label sizes. There is an Autofill template that allows you to fill in your information in one label cell, hit tab and the complete template populates with that information. The beautiful designs are offered by Suzee Que’s Flickr Stream, where you can use the labels for personal use only.

Facebook - Philosophy Man Shower Gel

takes canadian info

Free Printed T-shirts

Request a free printed t-shirt. Offer valid for all countries.
The free t-shirt request form is towards the bottom of the page.

Free 'Say no to knives' wristbands

You can influence your friends by not carrying a knife making the streets safer for everyone. If you want to stand up against knife crime wear our black and green 'say no to knives' wristbands to show

Free Holiday Cards, Gift Tags, Wrapping Paper & More

Xerox is offering free holiday cards and templates for your holiday gift giving - like gift tags, note cards, wrapping paper and more.
These colorful holiday cards and templates were created exclusively for you to use when sending holiday greetings to your family, friends and business associates.

$5.00 St-Ives coupons

Save-On-Foods Coupons (Nov 29 - Dec 05)

December 1st - 1st 20,000 Get a FREE PhotoWorks Product

For one day only, Tuesday, December 1, be one of the first 20,000 people to request a special coupon code for a gift from PhotoWorks. Choose one of our great PhotoWorks products, including: Free Photo Clutch Book, Free Pack of 25 Photo Paper Holiday Cards or a Free 11" x 8" Photo Calendar. Be sure to mark your calendar for December 1st. On that day, click on the PhotoWorks graphic on the home page. Enter your email address and select your gift. Receive your coupon code and enter it during checkout.

Enfamil Soy A+ - Free with Printable Coupon

Print off this voucher & redeem at your DR.'s office for a FREE sample of Enfamil Soy A+. Limit 1 sample per baby. Samples subject to availability.

Friday, November 27, 2009

my first review ,book review : fried green tomatoes by Fannie flagg

i thought i would start doing reviews on my blog as product reviews seam to be an interest to people and it would be fun to give my opinion on products etc.... so i thought i would do it on my favorite book fried green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe by Fannie flagg one of my favorite authors

this book is based in early southern times its a great story full of joy, laughter, sad times and good times about love and friendship

its about a women who has some self esteem problems and is battling her weight problem and her failing marriage who when visiting her husbands mother meets Mrs threadgoode and 87 year old women who begins to tell her about her life and the story of Iggie , Ruth and the whole gang at whistlestop cafe and eventually her story turns into how Iggie killed Ruth husband frank and the friendship between Ruth and Iggie that becomes as strong as rock and gets dragged through the good times the trial of the murder of frank burns and even ruth's death a real great read there was soooo many times i laughed and cried in the duration of reading this novel .There is so many favorite parts of this book I have to love one is when the rev takes the stand at the trial and of course i love the parts when Izzy down at the riverside club visiting Eva and she got down right drunk cause Ruth was going back home and she realizes she's not only her friend but she also loves her I also got to love the way the local newspaper of the town gets thrown in the book its a real good read i would recommend reading this before watching the movie i sure wish i had ever since reading this story

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


this week for blog hop the theme is ways to save money this is something i know alot since my hubby being on a disability money is real tight so here is my ways to save money

use coupons when you shop - it does not matter wheather its .50 off or $3.00 off it all adds up and saves you money

Price match - price matching is another way to save money espically on high ticket items at christmas but can be used for everyday shopping like groceries for example some stores will match your price of another store plus give you 10% back to you most will do it as long as you have a flyer , or some will call the store depends on what store call around to diffrent stores and find out wich ones do it

SCOOP aka scaning code of practice - people watch how the items you buy scan at if they are diffrent from what the tag says the scoop comes into effect wich means if the product is $10.00 or less you would get it free if its more then $10.00 you get $10.00 off but not all stores partispates so find out wich ones i know walmart does but zellers does not (as far as i know) here is the website for scoop

cook at home whenever possible - if you cook at home think about how much you will save when you go to say mcdonalds a meal can cost upwards of $10.00 if eating there everyday that alot of money down the drain its cheaper to brownbag it and if you have dinner out once a week that can cost up to $100 dollars its cheaper to cook at home for dinner

Befriend the Library - Buying books and movies gets expensive, and even renting can add up. Take a trip to your local library; and you'll find all of the latest books and movies available free of charge if you add up all the times you go to the movie theather or rent a movie it does add up

Switch to Online Bill Payments - Save yourself a stamp, and avoid late fees by paying your bills online. You can pay direct to your creditors, or set up automatic bill pay with your  me and my hubby we pay our cable through our online banking every month its so much eaiser and no hasstles at the bank or waiting for a cheque to clear

Seek Freebies - okay i'm always posting them here but hey its a great way to try new products and you enjoy a mailbox bursting with goodies

Wash in Cold - Cut your electric bill substantially by washing your laundry in cold water. Your clothes will still come out clean, and your hot water heater won't have to work nearly as hard.

Flip a Switch - Reduce your electric bill even further by turning off lights and other electronics when they aren't in use. It may seem like a small thing, but you're sure to see the difference on your next electric bill.

Make a budget. - if you stick to a budget you will be able to save more money and know where your money goes

Buy your gifts during after holiday clearance sales -  you’ll save a ton on discounted items. Some people stock up on gifts they give away during the year, which they buy during the cheapest time of the year.

Save money on used items - shopping at auctions, garage sales, flea markets, farmer’s markets and at sites like Craigslist or eBay are good when youre looking for new items , alot of second hand items are just like new. but use your best judgment.

Save all your change - deposit your savings into your bank account every few months. Your change adds up!

Create your own 100-calorie packs - buy in bulk and divide your large packs into smaller ones yourself.
make your own pizza and fast food meals - me and the hubby do this all the time on friday or saturday nights we make our own pizza you can pick up big pizza shells for as little as $5.00 and then just buy your toppings much cheaper

buy used clothing instead of new - used stores like value village and goodwill are great places to get clothing at a reasonable price you can get a shirt for as little as $3.00 and most stuff looks like new

make meals and freeze them - i know it sounds silly but getting paid once a month i had to do it make a bunch of diffrent meals and freeze them for future use also if you have leftovers from your meals that you did not perpare and freeze you can freeze them too

buy meat in bulk and save $$$ - there a great place here in my city called oceans i buy 3lbs or more of meat and they only charge me $1.99 a lb instead of the usal $ 3.49 a lb check around and see who may do this you would be suprised

MckLinky Blog Hop


here is todays freebie monday freebies

free sharpie sample

found this free sharpie link but it says you need a company name and address. i just made up a name and put my home address so i hope i still get a sample!

free National Child Day Rulers and Erasers

National Child Day promotional materials are available free of charge while supplies last.

Promotional Materials include:

Bilingual National Child Day Erasers - (5.5 cm x 3 cm x 0.07 cm) Black and White NCD Logo

Bilingual National Child Day Rulers - (1 ¼ inches x 7 inches) Full-Colour NCD Logo

Knock out Bad Breath Sample

You are welcome to try an 0.5 oz sample of Oxyfresh

Toothpaste for free. Let us know where and to whom it is to be sent. Fill

out the sample order form with your name and address. If you have questions

or comments write them in the "Comment Box". We will get back to you.

buy any size popcorn at cineplex theatres and get a free new moon cup

buy any popcorn size between Nov 17 and Dec 7, 2009 at Cineplex Theatres and get a FREE fountain drink in a New Moon collector cup!

It looks like you have to be a SCENE member to get this offer

free nickwax footwear cleaning gel

answer all the question properly to get your free samples of nikwax footwear cleaning need to answer all correctly to get it but if you pay attention you can find the answers...
good luck to all

Baskin Robbins Birthday Club -Join for a FREE Birthday Ice Cream

Sign up now and you’ll get your FREE ice cream email five days before your birthday from Baskin Robbins.

The Oriental Trading - 2010 Calendar

The Oriental Trading 2010 Calendar inludes: A special money-saving offer for you each month!
New tips & idea starters to help you plan fun events all year long! Shopping reminders for guaranteed holiday delivery. Tons of unique dates to celebrate every month, such as "National Ice Cream Day!"

Nordstrom - Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Dress up your gift with our complimentary holiday gift tags and create two- and three-dimensional birdhouses in red, brown and green.

Free Samples of Premium Chandra Facial Moisturizer

Fill out the form to request the Veria 30-Minute Relaxation Pack.
Each pack contains:

* A luxurious self-pampering guide
* A soothing spa-quality bath salt recipe
* Two free samples of premium Chandra facial moisturizer
* Exclusive discount of up to 50% on select Veria products

Monday, November 16, 2009


Here is todays freebies for freebie monday ENJOY !!!!

Free Human Anatomy 3D Software Download

Highly-Detailed 3D Human Anatomy Application

Dynamic Lightning – Shading – Label Parts – Reference

100% Free.

Parent Pack Pocket Folder & More

NCHE products and publications can be:

Downloaded from our website in electronic format. (may be reproduced as needed)

Ordered in hard copy online or by faxing or mailing in the free products order form. (up to the product limit per agency per school year free of charge)

Ordered in hard copy by faxing or mailing in the sales order form. (for orders in excess of the product limit; follow the instructions at the top of the form)

Free Ravenhurst puzzle game from People Mag.

Mueller's Pasta 12-Month Meal Planner

When you plan on pasta you can plan on delicious. Complete the information on the right and we'll send you a handy 12-month, weekly meal planner absolutely FREE.

***leave birthdate field empty or you'll get an error msg***

Sign up now so you don't miss out on more than 60 easy-to-make meal ideas, recipes, and great money-saving coupons.

Coping with Stressful Life Events STUDY SURVEY- Take $10 GC your choice

go all the way to the bottom on your left.

plz copy and paste or it won't work!

Free Sample Coffee at McDonalds

McDonalds will be having a free sample promotion once again of its coffee. So just head into a McDonalds and get a free sample coffee which should be the 12 ounce. November 16 – November 29, 2009 is when the free sample promotion is taking place. Keep in mind the free sample is only valid in the morning in which most breakfast hours are from 5a.m - 10:30 a.m.
This free sample is gonna be the great start to your morning, 12 oz of black coffee. Stop at every McDonalds on your way and get the biggest buzz you’ve ever seen.

Carleton Survey: Factors Influencing Womens Food Craving

about 45 min.

In order to be eligible to participate in this study, you MUST be a Canadian woman between the ages of 18-75 currently living in Canada. If you do not meet these criteria, you will not be eligible to receive a gift card for this study.

Uni of Guelph Survey: Impulse Buying = $10 PC GC

Sandi Thorn Free CDR and Wallet

To register for your FREE* limited edition numbered CD-R and wallet, sign up to the Sandi Thom mailing list by entering your details below and clicking Register.

Free ASPCA Desktop Wallpaper

Looking to show the world how much you love animals? Check out our handy wallpapers for your desktop—our diverse designs are cute and useful. From ways to prevent animal cruelty to common pet poisons, our tips will help you stay informed and keep your computer stylish!

Beauty Herbal Spa - Christmas Herbal Candle

In order to promote our services in the community we offer free Christmas herbal candle from our salon so that you can test them out and see how you like it. Please fill the form with the requested information to receive your FREE Christmas herbal candle

SeeHere by Fujifilm - Tree Photo Ornament

Get free tree photo ornament at SeeHere by Fujifilm. You can order red or white one with free shipping...
Use coupon code: mallornament
Expires: March 31, 2010.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Here is this weeks freebies for freebie monday

LOU LOU Magazine Giveaways *ONGOING* Do not expire

chatelaine-Free Book "The Charming Man" Nov.12/09

Check this link on Nov 12th-according to other sites Chatelaine & Penguin are giving away 10,000 books called The Charming Man.

Offer is available to residents of Canada and is limited to one free book per household while quantities last. The first 10,000 people, as determined by an electronic timestamp to register online at will receive a copy of This Charming Man by Marian Keyes. Book must be accepted as awarded. Rogers reserves the right to change the particulars of the book in case of unavailability for whatever reason. Offer opens on November 12, 2009 at 10 a.m. EST.

simplistic removable wall sticker

Dansko Recycled Tote Bag ~ Survey **First 1000**

From Google to Facebook to Twitter to Amazon the internet and its tools have changed how we gather information, communicate--even shop! Dansko wants to know how you use the web and how we can improve your experience. The first 1,000 respondents will receive a Dansko recycled bag!

Free cosmetic sample

Get A Free Box Of 16 Coffee Capsules For Your Nescafe Dolce Gusto Machine

Nescafe Dolce Gusto - Get A Free Box Of 16 Coffee Capsules For Your Nescafe Dolce Gusto Machine
Need PIN# From Welcome Brochure ***Also Free Welcome Gift Included When You Purchase A Nescafe Dolce Gusto Machine***
Get your FREE* box of 16 capsules!
Register the PIN code found in the welcome brochure that came with your machine, and we'll send you a free* box of 16 capsules with your first online order. Visit our online store now and register your PIN when you checkout to receive one box for free*
Don’t have a machine yet?
No worries! We have a fantastic Welcome Gift for you! Each NESCAFé® Dolce Gusto® machine contains a free welcome gift which includes a Latte Macchiato glass, Cappuccino cup and saucer, a pack of coffee capsules and a unique PIN number to get another free pack of coffee.

PetSmart - Free Greenies Chew (with a twist)

Give the gift a Free* individually-wrapped Greenies chew
Send your friend a personalized e-card with coupon to try Greenies
* up to a $4.49 value - weekly sample giveaway - Fridays around 10pm PST

There seems to be a new sample posted every Friday around 10 pm PST
All they ask in return is that you post a review once you have tried the samples.
must make an account first , then log in once in a while to see what's coming up

main site

how to guide

not sure if you have to pay postage i have not tried it yet but according to fabolus canadian freebies they did not have to pay shipping

AMM~ Free Christmas Cards

Free "Letter From Santa"(Printable or E-mailed)

We have Five FREE unique Santa Letters to choose from, great if you want Santa to write to more than one child in a household! You can even choose between five background templates! We offer a choice of a Free Printable Letter from Santa or a Free Santa Letter email. It couldn't be easier!

Free Sample Sun Vibes Massage Oil

Our handcrafted massage oil contains equal loads of Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, and Grape Seed Oil naturally high in vitamin E to pamper your loved one, friend, or that special someone that needs a big thank you. This has a light but present fragrance of Gardenia. To receive your free Sun Vibes massage oil sample fill out & submit the form below. All fields marked with an "*" are REQUIRED. Submitted information is strictly confidential and is not made available to sources outside Sun Vibes.

free safety brocure downloads

gnc coupons for sun rype bars

FPC for sun rype furit soruce bar and $2.00 off 15 ct box of sun rype furitsource bars exp dec 31 2009 for both coupons

Free Pocket Planner

Select your country from the list and answer all questions marked with *. To submit, click the submit button TO RECEIVE your FREE 2010 planner.
Note: Job Function & Company Name are not required. but may be business only

Christmas Wizard printing software

The AVERY® Christmas Wizard software includes a variety of specially designed Christmas templates that will help make your Christmas sparkle with highly creative and individual christmas cards, gifts and accessories!
Just select a product, choose a pre-design, customise and print. It's that easy! Plus, for large mailings, you can even import your address database for mail merge in minutes.
The Avery Christmas Wizard is free to download and makes designing, customising and printing a variety of Christmas products quick and easy.

Cheese For Me - Tote Bag first 1000

Answer the questions. When they are all complete, you will see a place in the bottom right hand corner to sign up for the email updates. Click on it and provide your email address to receive your bag.

Free memo cube - sandy paper

Mushrooms Canada - $10 Timmys

Mushrooms Canada invites you to participate in a survey regarding your thoughts and opinions about mushrooms. It will take approximately 6-8 minutes.
The first 150 people who complete this survey will receive a $10 Gift Card for Tim Horton's or Canadian Tire, the choice is yours.
In addition, all surveys received by Sunday November 22nd, 2009 will be entered into a draw for a $150 Gift Card to any store of your choice.

Laura Secord Printable Coupon-Buy a 400g Box get 100g Box of Minatures FREE

Visit your local Laura Secord shop between
November 15th and 21st and buy 1, 400 g box
of chocolates and receive a 100 g box of
Miniatures boxed chocolates for FREE !

Free Farmers Insurance Hawaii t-shirt

Free Graffiti Safewipes Sample

Fill out the form to request a free sample of Graffiti Safewipes.

Monday, November 2, 2009


okay had some problems with blogger today they updated the editor did not tell me ..... so finally able to post this for you all

2 Free Bus Tickets by Mail - Laval, Québec

english link

en français

FREE Halloween Paper Crafts from Canon Download

Create amazing Halloween paper crafts! Click on the Halloween craft you'd like to make and download the instructions and item using the links provided on that page. Then simply follow the instructions and create your amazing Halloween craft.

Get free airmiles via surveys!!!!!

There is a new Canadian survey panel. You can earn up to 35 Airmiles each survey you do!
"Research Now is a Canadian company, based in Toronto, that provides market research services to a wide variety of leading companies and organizations. As a member you can earn AIR MILES reward miles for providing your opinion on products that matter to you.
Help us ensure that Canadian companies hear your voice...."
Each time you participate in Research Now’s AIR MILES® Opinions Panel Survey you will earn AIR MILES reward miles for your time! The more surveys you do the more AIR MILES reward miles you can earn. You can earn as much as 35 AIR MILES rewards for each survey you complete.
Each time you qualify and complete one of Research Now’s AIR MILES Opinions Panel Survey the AIR MILES reward miles you earn will be credited into your Collector Account.
AIR MILES reward miles will be credited to your Collector Account within 2-4 weeks.

Free Reusable Tote Bag for signing up for Viv Magazine

Promo Code: freeviv

Enter the promo code and be sure to hit apply after!
VIV is a premier online destination for keeping up on trends, staying in shape, and maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. With the fully interactive digital magazine VIVmag AND VIV’s online community, you’ll have access to the finest advice, tips, recipes, shopping, special offers and more. Become a member of VIV now to get your annual subscription to VIVmag plus full access to the VIV community.
You don't need to enter credit card!

Receive a FREE Band-Aid Brand Perfect Fit Bandage

The Band-Aid Brand Perfect Fit Bandage offers superior protection to help healing. Stretches and conforms to skin to stay in place (even when wet!). 4-way seamless seal locks out dirt and germs. Simply complete your information for a FREE trail of Band-Aid Brand Perfect Fit Bandage. Available while quantities last.

Free Full version Haunted Hotel game.

Free Full version Haunted Hotel game download. NO Credit Card required or anything.

Free eBook "Make Money Blogging" - email opt-in required

Here's a free eBook about how to make money with your own blog. You do have to opt-in to the author's email newsletter to get the download link.

As a bonus for Wordpress users you also get a link to download 19 free and good quality themes. See them here before you download.

LOU LOU Magazine Giveaways *ONGOING* Do not expire