Friday, November 27, 2009

my first review ,book review : fried green tomatoes by Fannie flagg

i thought i would start doing reviews on my blog as product reviews seam to be an interest to people and it would be fun to give my opinion on products etc.... so i thought i would do it on my favorite book fried green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe by Fannie flagg one of my favorite authors

this book is based in early southern times its a great story full of joy, laughter, sad times and good times about love and friendship

its about a women who has some self esteem problems and is battling her weight problem and her failing marriage who when visiting her husbands mother meets Mrs threadgoode and 87 year old women who begins to tell her about her life and the story of Iggie , Ruth and the whole gang at whistlestop cafe and eventually her story turns into how Iggie killed Ruth husband frank and the friendship between Ruth and Iggie that becomes as strong as rock and gets dragged through the good times the trial of the murder of frank burns and even ruth's death a real great read there was soooo many times i laughed and cried in the duration of reading this novel .There is so many favorite parts of this book I have to love one is when the rev takes the stand at the trial and of course i love the parts when Izzy down at the riverside club visiting Eva and she got down right drunk cause Ruth was going back home and she realizes she's not only her friend but she also loves her I also got to love the way the local newspaper of the town gets thrown in the book its a real good read i would recommend reading this before watching the movie i sure wish i had ever since reading this story