Tuesday, November 24, 2009


this week for blog hop the theme is ways to save money this is something i know alot since my hubby being on a disability money is real tight so here is my ways to save money

use coupons when you shop - it does not matter wheather its .50 off or $3.00 off it all adds up and saves you money

Price match - price matching is another way to save money espically on high ticket items at christmas but can be used for everyday shopping like groceries for example some stores will match your price of another store plus give you 10% back to you most will do it as long as you have a flyer , or some will call the store depends on what store call around to diffrent stores and find out wich ones do it

SCOOP aka scaning code of practice - people watch how the items you buy scan at if they are diffrent from what the tag says the scoop comes into effect wich means if the product is $10.00 or less you would get it free if its more then $10.00 you get $10.00 off but not all stores partispates so find out wich ones i know walmart does but zellers does not (as far as i know) here is the website for scoop


cook at home whenever possible - if you cook at home think about how much you will save when you go to say mcdonalds a meal can cost upwards of $10.00 if eating there everyday that alot of money down the drain its cheaper to brownbag it and if you have dinner out once a week that can cost up to $100 dollars its cheaper to cook at home for dinner

Befriend the Library - Buying books and movies gets expensive, and even renting can add up. Take a trip to your local library; and you'll find all of the latest books and movies available free of charge if you add up all the times you go to the movie theather or rent a movie it does add up

Switch to Online Bill Payments - Save yourself a stamp, and avoid late fees by paying your bills online. You can pay direct to your creditors, or set up automatic bill pay with your  me and my hubby we pay our cable through our online banking every month its so much eaiser and no hasstles at the bank or waiting for a cheque to clear

Seek Freebies - okay i'm always posting them here but hey its a great way to try new products and you enjoy a mailbox bursting with goodies

Wash in Cold - Cut your electric bill substantially by washing your laundry in cold water. Your clothes will still come out clean, and your hot water heater won't have to work nearly as hard.

Flip a Switch - Reduce your electric bill even further by turning off lights and other electronics when they aren't in use. It may seem like a small thing, but you're sure to see the difference on your next electric bill.

Make a budget. - if you stick to a budget you will be able to save more money and know where your money goes

Buy your gifts during after holiday clearance sales -  you’ll save a ton on discounted items. Some people stock up on gifts they give away during the year, which they buy during the cheapest time of the year.

Save money on used items - shopping at auctions, garage sales, flea markets, farmer’s markets and at sites like Craigslist or eBay are good when youre looking for new items , alot of second hand items are just like new. but use your best judgment.

Save all your change - deposit your savings into your bank account every few months. Your change adds up!

Create your own 100-calorie packs - buy in bulk and divide your large packs into smaller ones yourself.
make your own pizza and fast food meals - me and the hubby do this all the time on friday or saturday nights we make our own pizza you can pick up big pizza shells for as little as $5.00 and then just buy your toppings much cheaper

buy used clothing instead of new - used stores like value village and goodwill are great places to get clothing at a reasonable price you can get a shirt for as little as $3.00 and most stuff looks like new

make meals and freeze them - i know it sounds silly but getting paid once a month i had to do it make a bunch of diffrent meals and freeze them for future use also if you have leftovers from your meals that you did not perpare and freeze you can freeze them too

buy meat in bulk and save $$$ - there a great place here in my city called oceans i buy 3lbs or more of meat and they only charge me $1.99 a lb instead of the usal $ 3.49 a lb check around and see who may do this you would be suprised

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