Wednesday, March 18, 2015

review : pure leaf iced tea

Hello everyone

Today I'm reviewing the newest flavours of pure leaf tea I am a big fan of pure leaf iced tea so a while ago when pure leaf tea's facebook page had a post letting there fans know two new flavours were coming to Canada peach and green tea and honey. The fans were asked which we were most excited to try so I commented and they said for me to message them after I did they said they wanted to send me some tea and asked for my address so I thought cool they are sending me some coupons maybe even free product coupons.Today I received a package by UPS well I wondered who is sending me a package I never signed up for anything that I remember until I seen pure leaf on the box when I opened it there was two bottles of both flavours and a free product coupon for any bottle of pure leaf tea. I was ecstatic since I was only expecting coupons. so even though I was not told to do a review I thought I would do one so I can tell you about these great flavours.

The first one I tried was the pure leaf peach flavour I love peaches especially anything that is peach flavoured so i was very excited to try this flavour the most. The flavour of tea and peach is so perfect the peach tastes so real you could swear they just picked the peaches its very refreshing and a great iced tea .

The second flavour is the green tea and honey i do like green tea and was unsure of the honey in a iced tea but it was quite good i myself am not a big fan of it. I thought there seamed to be too much honey then green tea but it is still very refreshing and the flavours do taste good hubby really did like it so I gave him the bottle.

My favourite out of both has to be the peach hey what can I say I love peach flavours both the peach and green tea and honey will be available in 547ml and 1.75L sizes both iced teas have no preservatives and no added colour and is real brewed which is what I love about pure leaf .the retail value is $2.49 for the 547ml & $3.99 for the 1.75 L but prices store to store may vary. 

It wont be in stores for sometime but it is a must try its very delicious 
hope you all enjoyed my review until next time everyone.