Thursday, March 11, 2010

product review : danone danactive yogurt drink and about bzzz

okay so a couple years ago a signed up for bzzz agent wich is great get to test out products and or services and then i get to share and talk about them with my friends but never thought to blog about it since so many people look at my blog i thought why not ??? so here it is the very first bzzz agent campain review

danactive is real great for you it has probiotics wich helps your natural defenses . Of course, there are several ways in which you can strengthen your natural defenses: exercising regularly, eating a varied, balanced diet and getting adequate rest are all smart choices. but why not have a yogurt drink to help as well danactive comes in great yummy flavors

Cranberry Raspberry

the flavors all sound verry yummy i tried the strawberry one it had a very nice naste although myself thought it was wierd to drink yougert i thought why not try it it was very good although i pefer to eat yougert with a spoon ...LOL you should all try it since it is good for us

for more information on danacive probiotic yougert drink go to there website


Monday, March 1, 2010

freebie monday

Here today freebies for freebie monday

Free Crib Sheet Safety Packets

Simply send us your name, address and the number of packets you need and we will mail them to you at no charge.

Free sample Clarins Multi-Active Moisturizer

Click on the button that says "Try Multi Active"

Free Probiotic gum

Be one of the first 1000 to tweet their message and they will mail you a free package of CulturedCare Probiotic gum with BLIS K12 right to your door - absolutely free!

1. Follow @CulturedCare on Twitter.(
2. Tweet this:

Probiotic gum?! First 1000 get it free! Just follow @culturedcare and retweet. Details

Ends March 31/10.

Free Woodworking Catalog

The Rockler Woodworking and Hardware free catalog features over 150 pages of our best products mailed directly to your door. You should receive your catalog in 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your location. In the meantime, you'll find all of the products in our catalogs here on our website. Just choose one of the department links on your left, or enter a keyword search.

EZ Battery Life for IPhone: NOW FREE

EZ Battery life is the only battery meter application that provides actual Time Left For You, Time remaining for different usage, alarm for custom recharge level, and your daily battery usage profile.

* Shows Actual Time Left For You. No calibration required.
* Battery meter for all usage
* Alarm for Custom Recharge Level
* Your daily usage profile

** The app needs to be ON for the alarm to work. So please don't close the app during recharge. **
And yes, it works for all generations of iPhone and iPod Touch.


o *Calibration Free* Estimate of Time Left For You
o Set Alarm for desired recharge target
o 3 melodious tunes for Alarm
o Volume control for Recharge Alarm
o Displays Battery Level, Time Remaining for different usage
o Calculates time needed to recharge to a target level
o Selectable target level and usage
o Automatic detect of device type
o Battery level is color coded: Red ( less than 20%) , Yellow (between 20% and 40%), Blue (more than 40%)
o Recharge time function disappears when battery is close to full (more than 95%)
o Clean, Simple, and Intuitive UI

Free Canadian Income Tax Software - UDoTaxes

Now, UDoTaxes 2009 is totally free.

Seniors File Their Taxes For Free with UFile

If you're over 60 you can file your taxes for free with's FreeFile Friday on February 26! Don't worry if you're not completely ready to file a tax return -- you've just to got to register for the offer on February 26th. Your tax return can be filed at any time.
To take advantage of the offer, enter code 543P292 on the Special Offers Page at the bottom of the QuikClik Navigator. If you are married, only one spouse needs to be over 60.

Binabelle - The Healing Soak Sample (Email)

To request your complimentary 3 oz. sample of The Healing Soak in eucalyptus & peppermint:
Email  ask for a sample and include your full name and mailing address.