Friday, February 6, 2009

free swich it off sticker - to remind us to turn our computers off

I am all about saving power so i thought this freebie will be one of my first freebies posted here as we spend so much time on our computers but how many of us acually turn them off ???? I know iam a bad one for that i can sometimes be on this computer all day, or when i do go out i will leave it on and forget to shut it off i know computers can be such power suckers but without them i believe we would be lost. so maybe this sticker will remind us to shut them off (hopefully)
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If all 100,000 readers of PC Pro shut down their computers down and turned them off at the wall overnight, instead of leaving them on, it would save enough electricity to power around 12,000 homes. And save you or your companies around £4 million a year in the process. So to help you, your colleagues or family remember to power down, PC Pro is once again offering our FREE Switch IT Off stickers. The stickers can be easily affixed to PCs, monitors, printers or any other peripheral, providing a visual reminder to power down before you head out of the door. We will provide up to 10 free stickers to each household, and up to 50 stickers to every business, school, college, university or other organisation. Stickers are subject to availability and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. To apply for your stickers simply click here to fill out the online form.

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