Wednesday, February 25, 2009

why am I up at 3AM ??? and a great sewing project

well here i am at 3am still up i usally shut this off by 11pm 12 am latest iam so wiered i slept today until 4:30 pm for some reason maybe i'm comming down with a cold (I hope not ,I hate to be sick too much to do) besides i have to get my apartment clean i have a eltrican coming next week don't want him to see my basment apartment in shambles (its small enough down here...LOL_) anyways so i have decided to look up my favorite things on the net craft and sewing projects and found such a great bag to sew its a patch work bag that is reversible (well its a string backpack) i think its so great i don't usally where these things but i love quilting and it looks so hype so if i ever get my sewing mashine working that my nice landlord gave me to use (bless you kimberly) or get a new one i will try tomake this bag the tutorial for this bag is here on this nice lady's blog here is a picture of the bag

see what i mean just perfect in my opion i think i will make them for my neices who are 12 and 14 they will love them by the way here is the link

now if i can just goto sleep if anyone has any ideas please tell me by leaving me a coment i need to have some sleep maybe i can read my new book i'm reading i swear i read more then some people i should blog about that one day must make a mental note of that ....LOL