Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentine Bear Recipe/Photo Holder

i love cooking and i never have a place to put my recipe card so i usally put them on the counter and they get dirty this way so maybe making this cute little bear recipe holder will help also nice to hold a favorite photo too

Materials and Supplies:

Premo! Sculpey (1 block of each color)
White (5001)
Cadmium Red (5382)
Raw Sienna (5392)
Ecru (5093)
Black (5042)
Silver (5129)
16-gauge brass wire

Hobby pliers

Wire cutter
Black Marker

“ E” Beads
Straight Pins or toothpicks
Pasta Machine, clay dedicated
Kemper Heart Cutters
Sculpey Super Slicer Cutting Blade


Step 1. For the bear body, roll a 7/8” ball of Raw Sienna into a cone. Flatten both ends slightly. Insert straight pin halfway into body.

Step 2. For the legs, roll two 11/16” balls of Raw Sienna into tapered logs. Attach to sides of body.

Step 3. For the arms, roll two 5/8” balls of Raw Sienna into tapered logs and attach to sides of body.

Step 4. Roll four 3/16” balls of Ecru. Flatten each and attach to ends of legs and arms. Use the top of a straight pin to indent paw prints. Roll a 3/8” ball of Ecru and flatten into shape of oval. Attach to the belly of bear.

Step 5. For the bear’s head, roll 7/8” ball of Raw Sienna. Press two “E” beads into head for eyes. Use pin to make squint marks. Roll two 5/16” balls of Raw Sienna into ½” logs. Fold in half, attach as ears. For muzzle, roll ¼” ball of Ecru. Flatten into oval and attach to face under the eyes. Roll 1/8” ball of Black, flatten and attach as nose. Use pin to draw mouth and the line from nose to mouth. For bow, mix Cadmium Red and White to achieve desired shade of pink. Form bow using heart cutters and a small dot in the center. Attach to head and then press head onto body.

Step 6. For tray of cookies, roll a rectangle (approx. 1 ½” x 1”) of Silver. Use Ecru and pink clay to make the heart shaped cookies.

Step 7. To make sentiment sign, roll rectangles of White and pink clay. Stack White rectangle on top and after the project bakes, use black pen to write sentiment. Cut a piece of 1 ½” wire, insert halfway into sign.

Step 8. To make base, flatten a 1 3/8” ball of pink into an oval. The oval should be about 3” long to accommodate the bear and tray of cookies. If desired, twist a rope of pink and White and attach along the edge of base.

Step 9. Press bear and cookie tray onto base. Place sentiment sign behind cookies. To make wire recipe/photo holder, cut a piece of wire 5 – 6” long. Use hobby pliers to twist end 2 ½ times into a circle. Insert beside bear. Bake according to manufacturer’s instructions.


  1. What a sweetie! Very useful and cute, especially when baking cookies with the kids... they would love her! Well thought out tutorial. ~Cindy Lietz

  2. Very nice holder....I love it!!!! Awesome!!