Monday, February 9, 2009

mom's budget coupons

found this site a while ago its just like a coupon train you go online pick what coupons you want out they send them to you and you send them the same dollar amount back its such a great idea i recived mined today and once they recive your coupons you can get more from them what a great thing they have usa and canadian coupons wich conviently enough have there own catagory

here is what they say onthere site

"all these coupons are offered for FREE. In exchange, we ask that you mail your extra coupons back to us, and recommend the site to others. Here you will find listings of all our available coupons for both the US & Canada (we have separate categories for each, so be sure you are searching in the right one :) We also have a large "CANADA ONLY" on all the Canadian coupons.
While you can pick as many individual coupons as you need, you can only order one each. If the expiry date is only a few weeks away, we will often lift the limits if we still have enough. Likewise, if we get an excess of some coupons because it seems everyone has sent one of them to us, we might lift the limits too.
How does it work? Think of it as a coupon train - we send you the coupons you want, and then we ask you send us coupons worth the same value back to us. You can also send us uncut inserts, if you are sending 15 pages of inserts or more. Remember, the more coupons you send us, the more people will use the service, meaning even more coupons are available for everyone!"

so visit there website to sere what coupons are avalible