Tuesday, June 23, 2009

banadana quilt tutorial & my puzzle project

today i found a great tutorial for a quilt made from bandanas i totally love this idea dont get me wrong i love buying fabric and doing it the tradional way but this is so much easier and great for that picnic in the park or that special teen i really want to make one so go to this great lady blog for the tutorial


i'm working on a big star trek poster puzzle right now finally got it finished and just glued it together but for some reason some of the peices keep commoing apart i have put 3 layers of glue i guess i should have not used the cheap - o puzzle glue from walmart that and the glue is old ( by the way does glue expire ???) i was on you tube looking on how to glue a puzzle and found a video on how to glue a puzzle using mode poge ( maybe that will hold it together better ???) well i have
the video below in case anyone ever wondered how to do it
i hope that i can glue this together and be able to hang it its real nice (picture to come later as soon as i know it wont fall apart again...LOL)


  1. Hi Corrine, I just got your message from my blog post about the ladybug pj's. I used the Simplicity 8550 pattern. I had to adjust it a little to add the band at the bottom.
    Btw, I love your name~ my daughter has the same name as you, but we spelled it Korryne (so it would be different).

  2. Corrine

    Thanks for checking out my blog first of all. 2nd I used double sided tape to put them up. Love your blog super cute!