Sunday, July 5, 2009

another one of my own tutorials : spaghetti strap tank top alteration

the other day i went and bought this tank top so i put it on and the strap broke it had one of these creap plastic rings on it. now i did not want to return it so i decided to alter it so i thought i would show you how i did it as this could have happened to anyone

take the strap and take the stiching out where the loop was attached with a seam riper if you don't have a seam riper you may cut the loop like i did just above the stiches it will look like the picture

then cut the loop on the back of the top

then put the strap between the cut loop and sew it closed just below where you just cut it i hand sewed it so if you are hand sewing i would do a running stich across it a copple times so it will stay attached. you can sew it with a sewing mashine if you have one.

it should now look like this now repeat with the other one i did the other one the same i just cut the plastic hoop before doing the steps

i hope this tutorial helps anyone who has had this problem like me i just hate returning things