Wednesday, September 2, 2009

time to move & cookie parties

it's been so long since i blogged i had some personal issues to deal with but i'm back well gotta move again due to some fire codes that were broken by the landlord so they have to tear the whole apartment up so i end up having to move but i only have 60 days....... ugh , well today was surfing the net and found a neat party to do for christmas and since i will be in a new place for christmas with more room i think i will do this it's a christmas cookie exchange the idea is to make cookies enough for six dozen or so cookies and enough copies of the cookie recipe for each person to take home the recipe and some cookies so you have lots of christmas cookie ideas that you can make for the holidays thought it was a neat idea here is the site i found the article on
by the way anyone here watch 18 and kids and counting on tlc ??? the duggar mom is expecting her 19th kid what is up with that not sure how she gives attention to them all or remember all there names. she must do it somehow i guess it's the american dream or something....LOL just a thought