Monday, January 11, 2010

cargo bag & other tutorials

found this great bag on the net today thought i was great would love to make this one ( now if i can just find some cargo pants , maybe the good will as sujested on the blog) i think this would be the perfect bag for all the tweens and probley teens too but the young adults and maybe older adults would probly love this too  just go to this lovely lady blog for the directions

this great pillow case tutorial is real nice i have been wanting some new pillow cases but why dont i just make them there is just so many cute fabrics out there that i can do it with for the instructions head here to this wonderful blog

now this is a lovely skirt to make its called a lazy days skirt just a lovely skirt for kids and i know a coupple of little girls i want to make this for and 1 in pirticluar one who is close to my heart to get the tutorial for this one go to this lovely blog


  1. Just wanted to say (a Looong overdue) Thank You for following my blog. Please excuse my poor manners and know that I am grateful for you and happy you found something that made you want to follow me. Have a great day!