Monday, February 22, 2010

freebie monday

its that time again, time for your freebies for freebie monday.

SCENE members, free travel mug w/ coffee purchase

Visit a participating Cineplex Entertainment theatre and buy two large espresso-based beverages to receive a Far Coast Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games Travel Mug FREE!
Free Samples of Enlightened Beverages

limit 5

holiday cookie recipes

holiday cookie recipes from wisconsin cheese you can click on each indviul recipe and print out

or request a brocure with all the recipes says us only but lists province

Swissvax Free Car Care Handbook

dont forget to check off Send me your famous 60 page Swissvax Handbook

FREE - The Truth About Marijuana Booklet & DVD

Free "save the date" wedding invitations/cards up to 100 cards!

Beautiful cards! I suggest the floral templates. Perfect for planning a small wedding. They are customisable.

free kindermusic class

kindermusic is music classes for children from newborn up to 7 years old besides music these classes

* develop early literacy and language skills
*aquire reasoning and math skills
*increse self control
*cultivate a lifelong love of music

right now kindermusic is offering free class just go to the site on fill the form for your coupon they have classes in canada. they look real fun i only wish i had a child i could try them on

free eBooks from kobobooks

There are over 120 free ebooks available for download. Notable authors include: Jane Austen, Mark Twain and Charles Dickinson. Many Harlequin Romances are available for download too.

free yougert from the Wallaby Yogurt Company

Answer a short survey for free yogurt coupons. They will be shipping coupons for free product in early March. You do have to be a member of Moms Meet/Moms Ambassador to try this one, but you can sign up for free.

Free Cloth Diapering DVD

Buying cloth diapers can be very confusing, especially with the huge online selection. This free DVD discusses the following:

• Why use cloth diapers
• How to use cloth diapers
• The cost of cloth diapers
• Cloth diapers vs disposables
• Washing cloth diapers
• Cloth diaper tips
• Cloth diaper packages
• Cloth diaper comparisons
• The different types of cloth diapers including prefold, fitted, All In One, pocket, one size fits all and diaper covers

Free Sun Vibes Shower Gel

The Sun Vibes Spa handcrafted pure and natural shower gel is so gentle even the most sensitive skin will be smooth and radiant. Blended with revitalizing and uplifting natural and organic essential oils which are renowned in aromatherapy, the special ingredients leave your skin supple, healthy and refreshed.

Your sample should arrive in 7-10 days.

Free Kikkoman cooking Magazine

K is Kikkoman’s semiannual mini-magazine for food enthusiasts. It’s loaded with cutting-edge tips, new recipes and inspiring photos.
PLUS - Let Kikkoman do the cooking all year long! Sign up for their electronic newsletter to get the latest recipes and entertaining tips.

free BAND AID® Brand PERFECT FIT™ - feb 23 2010

BAND AID® Brand PERFECT FIT™ adhesive bandages will be available on Tuesday, Feb.23. Supplies are limited,