Monday, March 14, 2011

The Top 10 Things that You Hear in an Artsy Household that Sound Just Plain Weird Anywhere Else

found this on the net and totally apllies to anyone who is artsy and has kids 

10) "Would you rather go to the craft store or the playplace?" Long pause..... and the 5-year-old says, "Can we do both?"

9) Hey, who wants a turn with the gold-leaf pen?

8) Here honey, you bang on the piano while I finish dinner.

7) If you want to color all over yourself, wait until I get the tarp put down. And, um, please do not bang on the piano until I wash your hands. :)

6) We do not paint on this chair. We paint on THAT chair.

5) You have your own camera/guitar/ paint brushes/pastels. Do not touch mommy's!

4) Do you want to try the grown-up scissors? Here, the middle part is the sharpest.

3) Do you know how they made Pinocchio? They used a glass sheet to make it look like water....(blah blah blah)

2) Here, try this glue. It's more sticky!! Oh, and try stamping in it!

And the number one thing that just sounds WEIRD to everyone but artist-families:

1) Oh, you cut up your book? Honey, it looks beautiful! Um, next time ask first, ok?