Saturday, July 9, 2011

Review : The Litter Locker

I thought i would do a review on the litter locker i just bought one not to long ago and I love it !! It so great no more stinky litter box you just scoop you kitty's poopies and such in the litter locker pull the leaver and it goes to the bottom and when your ready to dump just cut the bag off with the little cutter inside tie a knot and toss it (you must prepare it first by tying a not at the bottom of bag when you put it in or all the poopies and such will fall to the bottom)

according to the website

the litter locker has the folowing features

  • No more running around for grocery bags :1 refill saves up to 60 grocery bags

  • No more trips to the garbage bin

  • One refill lasts up to 2 months for 1 cat

  • the bags hold up to 2 weeks of soiled litter (for 1 cat). but may need to change more frequently for multiple cats speaking from experience

    it comes with 1 refill (retail value of litter locker is $22.99) but i got mined at Canadian tire on sale for $17.99 i thought what a bargain !!!

    refills are usually about $6.49 retail and are easy to put in just pull the bag out tie the end put through the system ( don't forget to pull the lever out or you wont get it through) and push the ring in the top make sure its in snug and your ready to use your litter locker

    it really the most wonderfull system for litter i recomend it to everyone