Saturday, August 20, 2011

book review : thunder dog by michael hingson

so here is another book review thunder dog by Michael hingson about a blind man with his guide dog Roselle and how they escaped the world trade centre on 9/11

michael hingson was born on february 24Th 1950 in Chicago kept in an incubator for 3 month's due to being born prematurely he ended up with what they thought was cataract's but later on when his aunt took care of him she noticed he did not react to light she knew something was wrong. at 6 month's old he was diagnosed with being blind he did not get his first seeing eye dog until his teens

on the day of 9/11 was a normal day he went up to his office on the 78Th floor of the world trade centre and prepared for a meeting that was to take place that morning then at 8:46 am he and his colleague David heard a bang

there was debris in their office and the windows were blown out they knew they something had happened at this point they did not know what do they started to leave descending down the stairs his guide dog beside him to lead the way 78 floors down

this book was a great read it tells his side of the story and others who were involved and how he got out with Roselle help he also explains his childhood how he became blind and how he managed through his life at that point

retail value of book is $22.99 US

i recommend this book to anyone who wants a good book and a great story about hero's and life