Sunday, March 11, 2012

Review : Burt's Bee's® Natural Skin Solutions For Sensitive Skin

hello everyone

today i am reviewing some products from the Burt's bee's natural skin solution for sensitive skin which i got from bzz agent to review i was given 2 products to review the sensitive facial cleanser and the sensitive daily moisturizer cream both products apply easily to the face and have a nice natural smell to them they are great for your daily cleansing routine the cleanser is put on first it removes your makeup & cleanses your skin yet makes you skin feel nice and smooth the daily moisturizer cream is great for us who are looking for a sensitive skin product who want soft moister skin and the great thing it don't cause any redness or irritation next you put one the daily moisturizer  this cream is put on to moisturize your skin all day with out again the redness or irritation you get with most other creams i found both products very nice on my skin and think i could use these on a daily basis also gets you use to using cream on your face for us ladies who are about to hit the anti ageing cream age but any women (or men i guess) can benefit from this line of products for sensitive skin Burt's bee's  also has two more products to this line the sensitive eye cream  that moisturizes the delicate eye area and help reduce that under eye puffiness and i guess it could not hurt the dark circles as well the last product in this line is the sensitive night cream  this cream moisturizes the skin overnight and with all the product does not cause redness or irritation i love the fact that all the products have natural ingredients with someone with sensitive skin its a line of products iam looking for they also have a great anti aging cream line that i would love to try as i will be 30 years old this year so i guess its time to think about using that :) 

most of the products retail for $24.99 CDN except for the sensitive facial cleanser that retails for $12.99 CDN  you may join there facebook page here you must all try them and let me know what you think in the comments if you have tried them do they moisturize your skin ? do they work for your sensitive skin ?