Tuesday, August 7, 2012

book review : faith not by sight

I received this book a while ago from book sneeze once i started reading it i could not put it down such a great book and an inspiration 

Scott McIntyre blind from birth had to overcome many obstacles due to his blindness born in California his parents finding out he was blind did not stop them from making scott's life normal as possible from an early age he was interested in music he learned music by ear as being blind he could not read sheet music.

at age 10 he did his first performance playing for a neighbour wedding an was interviewed by CNN. Scott was home schooled and at 14 entered Arizona State University studying music and graduated from ASU and won the Marshall scholarship. Then on the day he graduated he finds out from the doctor he has kidney faliure very unusual for a 19 year old his cardline levels were very high doctors said he needed a transplant.

being brought up in a religious family he turned to god for answers in his life and god showed him the way he was destined for London England to study at the university of London and the royal college of music in London although his cardline levels still high he was cleared to study abroad in London after some obstacles with the schools.

after a year in London Scott turned for the worse and was told he needed a transplant by Christmas or he would die so the search was on to find a donor and soon one was found he had the transplant and after months of recovery he was better able to play music again and enjoy life and thankful to the lord for giving him a second chance at life

in 2008 Scott tried out for american idol and got in shortly after his sister Katelyn  got sick with kidney failure just like he did even though with his sister sick  he went on american idol to sing for thousands he was in the top 8 when he was eliminated on April 8 2009 

shortly after he was eliminated his sister had her transplant and he went on tour with the american idol live tour on June 18 2011 he married his best friend and girlfriend Christina and Scott is still playing music.

this book retails for 19.99 US and is available in most book stores