Tuesday, July 23, 2013

top ten words/topics that make me not pick up a book

as you know i am a bookworm i love all sorts of topics on books but there is just some i don't want to read some that don't interest me this list is 
a hard one to make but here it goes

mystery novels 
this does not mean i have never read one some of the ones from england are quite good but all the ones with FBI agents and private detectives just seem boring to me.

murder/ horror 
these are not for me at all i don't even like hearing about murders on the tv but i have read some but its the ones where they describe the killing guts and blood and everything just creeps me out.

I really don't like sports yes i will watch the game on tv with hubby but to read a novel about it really is not that interesting to me.

I love some poems they are great but most poems i can find on the internet if i need them and i only like a certain kind but i really don't want to read a whole book of poems lets keep them in the greeting cards.

science fiction
I like some of it like stuff that is in the future or magic abilities but for the most part the literature is just crap

autobiographies/celebrity authors
yes i have read some and they were good but others seem to go on and on about there life and how big their ego is

Weight loss
yes i am a big girl, Yes i want to loose weight but i don't need a hundred different ways to do it or be told what to eat or what not to eat some of these books diet are just ridiculous i'm not eating a grapefruit every morning for breakfast.

i don't like fantasy its boring the characters names are really hard to pronounce and the story is hard to follow.

BORING !!!! enough said 

the politicians rambl on enough on the tv why do i have to read about it to most of the are full of crap anyway.

so what books won't you read ?

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