Thursday, March 13, 2014

winter is back ...... again

Photo: (Alex) Mother Nature is a cruel mistress.

hello everyone

this week i thought finally spring was coming it was nice out for two days in a row the snow was melting i seen a hint of grass then ....... BANG we get snow again in a way i wish this year winter had skipped us this year. It has been the worst winter on record since 1994 and i remember that winter as a kid but a lot of people younger then me don't ever remember it this cold i was in girl guides at the time anyone remember the dresses the girl guides wore ? Try wearing that in -23 degrees in January it was just as cold then as it has been this winter. Will Ontario ever see spring ? i love the spring don't get me wrong i love winter but when you wake up to see this 

you kinda wish spring would come. I love geocatching its okay to do it in winter but with this much snow i wont even be able to find the cache yet alone even track it. The ground probably wont even be hard enough until June I wonder if i can even plant flowers this year ? It will be hard to if the ground is not thawed out enough in my option i think spring will be slow coming to Ontario or Canada for that matter so i only have one thing to say i think mother nature needs to take her meds because she has got to be bipolar or some other mental illness because winter this year has just been crazy.

well until next time everyone