Thursday, January 19, 2012

book review : chicken soup for the soul O Canada

just finished this great book chicken soup for the soul : o canada  this book has heartfelt stories about canadians our love for hockey, how friendly we are to tim hortons to cottage life in our great cottage country people traveling far and wide across our great country and meeting friendly down to earth canadians who would give the shirt off our backs if we had to. This book is a great inspration to how the canadian people are like and live yes , we may say eh ! alot but this book opened my mined to canadians like us who stand together as a nation in the good times and the bad

The book has stories for famous people in it like amy sky and just fellow canadians and american friends who have visited and seen how we as a nation are friendly folk and helpful in times of need and fellow canadians who use to live in canada . This book is a good read for anyone who wants to learn about our great nation and the people in it or fellow canadians who will be inspired on the people in your own community .This book really inspired me and made me think of all of us who live in big cities and small towns and grew up with our harsh winters and even made me remember the memories of my childhood living in canada where i still live today i could not think i ever living anywhere else in the world but my home Canada.

The retail value of this book is  14.95 US and available at most book stores