Sunday, January 29, 2012

i need help ..... i think !!!!

hello everyone

well i found this great website called pintrest its like a virtual pinboard or a place to keep all your favorite websites now before pintrest i must of had hundreds of bookmarks for favorite crafts, sewing projects etc... now i just post them on pintrest only one problem....... its very addictive i go on everyday and find something new to pin and now i have 42 boards all with diffrent topics i think i have gone way overboard. i even went as far to install the pin it button on google chrome and is it just weird that i made a board for wedding stuff but i'm already married ? Now don't get me wrong this is a great website for everyone it elminates all theoes bookmarks and all thoes ideas you just want to try but me and many of my friends have become addicted to pintrest there is so many blogs and websites with sooooooo many ideas for my home , crafts, sewing and so much more why not have a place to put it all ? just to give you an idea here is some of the things i have found on pintrest .

a set of shelves i want to do from martha stewart  made with ribbons and screws

This tub just made me laugh

This was just beautiful for thanksgiving what better way to say thanks

bibs made out of tshirts what a great way to recycle

my dream craftroom my paradise :)

see how addicting pintrest  can be i just can't stop , i wonder if there is a help group out there for people like me who are addicted to pintrest ? 

*stands up * "My name is corrine and i'm addicted to pintrest "

now this is where everyone would turn around and say " Hi Corrine !!!!" LOL
and now back to my addiction pining more ideas !!!