Saturday, February 9, 2013

Book review : prayers of a stranger by Davis bunn

I got this book from book sneeze to do a review this book was a great read it really made me think a lot about life

This book is about a couple Amanda and Chris Vance Amanda who works at the local hospital as an administrative assistant and Chris who works for a electronics company the year before Amanda was pregnant just before Christmas she had a miscarriage both her and Chris were devastated Christmas was a complete mess that year they had went to Chris sisters Claire for Christmas but Amanda seeing all the children was too much for her so in the middle of the night they left Claire was not pleased.

Christmas is coming again the painful memory still there with a baby room never touched a reminder of what could have been. She has two neighbors frank and Emily. Frank volunteers at the hospital and is due to have hip replacement surgery Frank and Emily were supposed to go but with Frank needing surgery he can't go so Emily invites Amanda to go to the holly land with her

 While there they visit the wailing wall they meet a lady name Miriam who is asking to heal a child at the wall so Amanda who was a pediatric nurse before the miscarriage goes to help the child who is small and frail as time goes on she finds out how to help the child they tragedy strikes while away frank falls and breaks his hip and needs surgery so Emily fly's back early while Amanda stays to help the child Amanda days later comes back and feels like a weight has been lifted from her shoulders feeling happier like she was before her miscarriage knowing the lord is there to help her.
this book retails for $12.99 US and is available at most book stores