Friday, June 7, 2013

book review : bristol house by beverly swerling

i just finished this great book Bristol house by Beverly Swerling that i received an advanced copy  from goodreads first reads giveaway i really enjoyed this book it was very interesting and historical i quite like books based in England and books that have a historic references in them.

Bristol house is about this women Annie who is a recovering alcoholic who leaves her job to work for the shalom foundation to find certain Jewish artifacts and find the jew of holborn but while living at bristol house she is haunted by a ghostly monk who lived in 1535 the same year of the jew of holborn who she is researching about. She begins her research with a woman named jennifer franklin who helps her in the london museum and shows her different items related to the 1535 time period but while in london she meets geoff harris a local tv reporter who she meets through jennifer she becomes interested in him as he seems to look like the ghost of the monk she sees in her flat as time goes by she has more hauntings from her monk and wonders if there is something he is trying to tell her. With the help of geoff and his mother and rabbi cohen she figures out what the monk is trying to tell her and why her boss philip weintraub is so interested in the jew of holborn.

I especially love that in this book they kept going back and forth between the monk dom justin and the jew of holborn's stories and then back to present day of annie's research. i quite enjoyed reading this book and would love to read it again and again.

this book retails at $29.50 CDN and at most bookstores