Tuesday, October 15, 2013

oct 15th pregnancy and infant loss awareness day - a subject close to my heart

hello everyone

today is pregnancy and infant loss awareness day this is a subject that comes close to my heart. Last year i was pregnant having PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) it is hard for me and my hubby to have children at last 3 years of trying i was pregnant for 5 short weeks we were over the moon until the day came i miscarried. We were saddened by this I myself was devastated i went into a depressive state for over a month i know i did not carry the child long or that it was not even a child yet but i still felt the loss. I never got to hear a heartbeat of my child or find out whether it was a boy or a girl or have the joy of having a baby shower or feeling that first kick or to see my child on its first ultrasound or even to hold my little baby. To me it is still a loss a loss of my child  my first and only child now here we are a year later and i think about our baby every day what she / he would have been like constant reminders the baby clothes i had got and even nestle sending me formula samples and coupons gives me heartache. now i think i am pregnant again but i'm afraid to take a test to find out thinking if i am what if i miscarry again and maybe its just my brain thinking i am who knows but if I am all i can hope for is a healthy pregnancy. So weather you miscarried or had an infant death we must all remember our little angels who went to heaven to early even if we never got to hold our child. or even if you did we will always remember but never forget. For more information and resources you can got to http://october15.com or http://rememberingourbabies.net