Saturday, October 19, 2013

pinterest saturday

hello everyone

since halloween is almost here i thought i would share my favorite pins for halloween

Puking Monster Melon Out of all of the creative watermelon displays I’ve seen, this one is my favorite for Halloween. It’s actually pretty m...

having a halloween party ? why not make this gruesome guy for your party a monster made out of watermelon just hollow out the watermelon and fill his mouth with your favorite fruits spilling out of his mouth

Use press 'n' seal to make a ghostly friend in the mirror or window.  

want to scare your guests ? make this mirror ghost out of press and seal or mac tack that you use for your windows or cupboards just cut in a ghost shape and stick to a mirror or window 

Creative DIY Outdoor Halloween Projects!

why not decorate your front lawn with this pumpkin spider made out of pumpkins and sticks sure to scare anyone who is afraid of spiders 

Jack-o'-Lantern Cookies

lets make some halloween cookies these jack o lantern cookies are so cute and will taste yummy too.

Rich Krispie Jack-o-Lanterns!

love rice krispies ? lets make some rice krispies jack o lanterns so easy to do even the kids can help.

This is too cute!

pregnant this halloween ? why not do this halloween costume a pumpkin baby belly

happy pinning everyone