Tuesday, April 29, 2014

book review : a child called it by Dave pelzer

hello everyone

today i will be doing a book review on the book called a child called it by Dave pelzer

this was the first time ever reading a book of this subject before for me it was heart breaking it even made me mad at times and had me wanting to read more as time went by its a short novel but shows what Dave pelzer went through as a child being abused 

Dave story is one of the worst child abuse cases in California from the time David pelzer was 5 he was abused by his mother who was always drinking and did cruel unusual punishments and torture to her son her disgusting and unusual games ( as David called them) she started making David her slave doing all the household chores while his other siblings got to watch  TV and do other fun things and his mother lied around watching television and taking the other siblings on outings. David always had to do his chores before school  and if he did not he would not be allowed to eat breakfast. He had to run to school as he was no longer privileged to ride in the family station wagon & he wore the same smelly and worn out clothing everyday. David went to school hungry most days and ended up stealing food at school when his mother found out she would make him throw up every day after school to make sure he did not eat. He had to sleep in the basement on an army cot and was not allowed to go to sleep until his chores were done until then he had to sit in the basement in a prisoner of war potion or  P.O.W while the family ate dinner. The school finally caught on and called children protective services and David was finally free from his mothers abuse.

This was a good read but as i said its very heartbreaking and some parts were down right disgusting but it is an interesting read

this book retails for $11.95 US and is available at most book stores.