Saturday, April 19, 2014

review : kinder mini eggs

hello everyone

today i am reviewing the new kinder mini eggs i got these free to review from mom central 

I love kinder products been one of my favorites since i was a child so when this opportunity came i jumped on it.  the mini eggs come in 3 different size bags 35g, 85g and 182 g bag which is pictured above

I love how they are individually wrapped great for that Easter hunt or giving out for the kids Easter party i myself would put them in snack baggies as favors with a little Easter tag as bunny poop like this one

i really did love the hazelnut filling it was so nice tasting and it was creamy and  not too sweet not like with some other Easter chocolates.  I am a hazelnut fanatic so these were a great Easter treat for me and your little ones would love these in there Easter basket.

the 182g bag retailed for $4.99 at shoppers drug mart but prices may vary from store to store

these overall are great little mini eggs i would buy them when Easter comes again or maybe when they discount them after Easter now there's an idea.

hope you all enjoyed my review until next time everyone.