Friday, May 5, 2017

sometimes life gets.......hectic


hello everyone 

I know its been ever so long since i have even posted on here life got in the way of my blogging since Christmas i was so bust wrapping gifts and making homemade items and in the new year i promised myself as my goals for the new year i would blog more. That never did happen and i realized were almost in may and i still have not done it (what a procrastinator i am ) i got to get on the ball i also have been trying to reorganize and cleaning my small apartment (ok i am a hoarder i said it ) ok not like on tv but i do collect / keep junk things that are useless and have no where in my apartment to put it i'm ashamed of it my life goal of having kids is put on hold because of my illness I don't want my future children to live in mess so i made a pact to myself to clean my shit up. So i joined the 40 bags in 40 days decultering challange the goal is to clean one area a day and have 1 bag or more out weather it be garbage/ recycle or giveaway/donate  it can also be virtual junk like email or deleting files off your computer or apps off your phone. I also have a lady come in once a week to go through things so i am dealing with one of my many mental illnesses still got sooooooo many emails 60,000 to be percise in my state of mind i think i need to go through them all oh what a mess i have put myself into. so i promise now even though its been like three years i will be blogging once a week at least maybe even i will blog on my progress of cleaning and purging but depression and mental illness is a battle you just got to fight the inner demons and tell yourself its ok to have depression etc just got to try and move on.

until next time everyone