Monday, March 23, 2009

my first tutorial - cookie cutter bin

i'm finally doing my first YAY !!!! i'm so excited i created this today as i have all these cookie cutters but no where to put them so i thought i would share my creation but you don't just have to use it for cookie cutters it can be used for mostly anything craft suplies, kids toys, bits & bobs money etc...

1 round container with lid E.G juice container, coffee tin etc...
1 sheet of paper i'm using a 12x 12 scrapbooking sheet (but i should of used bigger..LOL) but depending on your size of container you might need biger
1 pen
1 measuring tape

1 pair of sizzors or exacto knife

1 glue stick or glue gun depend on the container

stickers, embelishments etc...

take a clean 2.3 kg empty juice container or any round container like a coffee tin will due i just happen to use this as i just finished my juice crystals & mesure with your mesuring tape how long around it is and how wide down

then take your sheet of paper and your mesuring tape and mark with your pen how far you need to cut your paper

then cut it to size since i'm using a 12x12 i won't quite have enough but i will show you how to fix this problem in this tutorial

spread the glue stick all over your paper so you can stick it on your container ( if your using a medal contanier you will be using a glue gun for this step)

stick your paper around the container if your antthing like me you might have to glue the edges after you put it on ( but that might be a good ideal to do anyway) you may use a exacto knife if your paper is too long as mined is ( I could never could learn to cut straight...LOL)

now here is the steps in case the paper is too short but you have extra left over

mesure the extra space you have left and take your extra paper left over and cut it to size just like you did in the begining of this project

now i did not mesure it so i ended up cutting strips out of some more extra and gluing them on that is why its important to mesure ...LOL

after you do all this it sould look like this

now take your stickers and other embelishments to decorate the tin if you wish

now fill the tin with what you want and replace lid

and now you have the finished product

i thought this bin just looked so cute i had to share with you all what i made