Sunday, March 22, 2009

thinking about babies and blog changes

lately i have been thinking about having a baby with my husband but i worry about being able to take care of the child i have , raising her properley and mosyt of all i worry about carying the baby and going through birth i guess these are worries most women go through before even conciving or after conciving but i did read an exclent book its called conception, pregency and birth by miriam stopppard it is very informitive and has lots of pictures and is easy to understand now i have never read what to expect when expecting but i did flip through it and own a very old copy i picked up at my local value village but i find it very hard to read not enough pictures and to technical. i have always dreamed of having a baby i have been colecting baby clothes since i got married 2 1/2 years ago i think we are ready for a baby and we have planned it out to start trying next year i just hope i can concive.i talked to my family physcian and he does not belive there is a problem ( i thought i might not be able to concive due to already being overweigh) so talking to the doctor made me feel better he just sudjests me loosing some of the weight wich i am doing as i bowl with special olymics every week so it is all good to go wish me luck. well i have moved some things around here and i now created a sidebar for all the blog candies so if you are looking for them they are to your left just scroll down and look for them i also added a great game on the bottom poke the penguin its lots of fun.