Thursday, March 5, 2009

my new sewing project I want to start : charm quilt

well i was thinking i love being online and all the friends who i have met and all the people who visit my blog and websites so i thought i can start a charm quilt where no square will be the same and everytime i see it i will remember my online friends so if anyone would like to donate a swaure please leave a comment on my blog so i can send you my postal adress with your email of course so i can email you the squares should be

* 5" squares

* the fabric must be clean

* any color or pattern

i hope i can get enough squares to start this wonderful project


  1. Hi,

    I would be happy to contribute a square or two. Send me your address and I will get them on their way :)

    My email:

  2. I would love to send you a couple of sqares. . . any color preferences? Just visit send me an e-mail and I'll mail along. What fun!