Wednesday, February 19, 2014

febuary random reads

I seen this on imlovinbooks and i thought i would join in this monthly meme and show you what books are on my to read shelf but i got over 3,000 books so its gonna take me years to even read them :)

so using this month's book off my goodreads shelf is #476

Denali Skies

She needed a break, a change from the ordinary, an escape to something far away from what she considers familiar. With romantic ideals and a compulsion for self discovery a lone twenty two year old woman leaves the Central Valley of California bound for Fairbanks Alaska. In Denali Skies Liz finds herself walking the line the between the call of the wild and the call of her drinking buddies! This coming of age story explores some extraordinary moments of a very ordinary girl who happens to find herself waiting tables to droves of tourists in one of the most scenic and phenomenal corners of our world. The Midnight Sun, grizzlies, and Northern Lights illuminate the landscape of a surreal and elusive journey.

this book has been on my shelf since april 2013 i wonder if i will ever get around to reading this one but it seems to be a good book i love almost any book but this one i think will be a very interesting read

 thats all for now until next time happy reading