Tuesday, February 25, 2014

the frustrations of computers especially involving aware etc...

hello everyone

as you know i love my contests/freebies but for the past month or more i was not able to could not figure out why when using rafflecopter or any other widget the links to like Facebook or follow twitter they would not be there. Then when entering contests or requesting freebies on Facebook they would not load or i could not submit even to log into websites with Facebook it would not let me  it was driving me nuts i wanted to throw the computer off the balcony.

now i had been having issues for a while with my search engine i had it set to Google but for some reason it kept going to this snap. do search engine. For the life of me i could not remove it only when i started having this problem with entering contest/freebies i noticed maybe this search engine may be the cause again i tried to remove it with my settings with no luck. Finally with some searching on Google i found this website that told me how to remove it thank goodness now it took a few steps including downloading an ad ware removal program but i finally have it back i'm so happy i really thought i would had to bring it in to a computer shop and fork out $100 plus to get it fixed now i'm doing my happy dance.

did this happen to any of you ?