Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the struggle with dieting and my weight loss journey

hello everyone

for years i have been battling my weight tried everything to loose it fallen off the wagon too many times to count but now i really have to try and get it done. at current i weigh 389 lbs shameful i know. So when i found this out i looked at myself and said i have to change its time to diet and this time stick to it no falling off the wagon. First thing i did i had a long discussion with my husband, now he is no skinny mini himself at 245 lbs i told him if i am changing we both have to change as he does most of the cooking he had to change the way he was cooking. Now don't get me wrong i love my husband and his cooking but he makes enough to feed an army he also cooks too much potatoes and rice and pasta and not enough vegetables. What have i been buying frozen vegetables for them to sit in the freezer ? So he agreed to change his cooking habits now every night we have vegetables and i feel better eating more healthy. second thing was to get myself to drink the recommend 8 glasses of water a day i had a very nice Rubbermaid water bottle i bought from target for bowling so why not use it every day it holds about 2 glasses of water maybe a bit more as it holds 20 oz. Now i really do hate the taste of water so i do add crystal light or other singles i know this adds calories but most are only 5 calories so its not so bad, i do drink the bottled water plain but it has to be real cold to drink it there is just something about the city water or warm or Luke cold water that just tastes nasty. Now a friend of mined who is also trying to loose weight recommended a website the other day as i guess you're supposed to keep track what you eat its called myfitnesspal its a great website i can track what i am eating and it shows how much calories i can consume a day and i can even track my exercise. Now i just got to work on my weaknesses not eating fast food ( this cant be avoided all the time but i think its okay as long as i check to make sure its a bit healthy or has healthy options), no chocolate or chips or other junk food (i will allow one cheat day a week), cut down on the pop ( i drink diet pop but still try to limit to 2 cans a day). Now i just got to find an exercise routine its hard in the winter as with ice and snow its not clear enough to go for walks so what can i do for exercise indoors ? I hope maybe to go swimming at least once a week oh how i wish i could afford a gym membership but that is not in the budget right now. all i can do is try and hope i am successful i will be successful i need to if i want that baby one day i just got to take this one day at a time, anyone else been on that weight loss journey ?