Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday music moves me

hello everyone

i have been busy this week and i love listening to music when i clean i even sometime dance to the music while i clean but at least i dont do it like this guy 

so now that this guy has got caught here is what i am listening to this week

I love this song i just cant get it out of my head i keep singing it and don't you just love the sparkles on Taylor's eyes

this is one of my favorite katy perry songs the guy in the beginning is such a jerk i was kinda glad he got eaten by a tiger.

I really like Chris Hadfield version of space oddity i read somewhere even david bowie loved it this was taken down for a while but its back up at least for another 2 years or so i read. i love the time lapse of the space station going over earth at night so cool.

and i'm still listening to this one well its a good song

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