Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pinterest Saturday

hello everyone 

as of lately i have been busy trying to clean and organize so i have the apartment ready for the holidays so this weeks pins are my favorite organizational pins.

Take a half an hour to organize your gift wrap.  Preparing for Christmas will be so much easier!

have your gift wrap stuff everywhere ? why not use a wheeled drawer container and have a drawer for different items. I love this gift wrap station with the labels on each drawer 

Store and organize board games in a hanging shoe organizer.

I love this game organizer just put your board games on a hangable  shelf / clothing organizer 

To organize socks in the laundry room or small toys in a kid's closet: S hooks and dollar tree baskets. I have the hooks now I need a basket .

I love these baskets just hang them off a wire shelf in your closet great for storing your socks or even toys in your kids bedroom

Make Life Lovely: How to Organize All Your Ripped Out Magazine Pages

this idea is the greatest idea ever for your magazine articles  no need to keep all those magazines just tear them out and file them in a binder

Hat organizing

My sister loves her hats so idea is a great way to hang your hats just use a hanger and some shower curtain rings to hang up your hats

jewelry hanging board

have a lot of necklaces use a memo board or even a decorated cork board to hang them up with hooks in the board it looks just lovely

Wallpaper old spice rack to use for nail polish - but does someone need this much nail polish ?

got lots of nail polish ? then use an old spice rack to display them all and best of all easy access to your polish.

Need help organizing your meals on the go? Solutions for packing lunches and eating out of the house WITHOUT going through the drive through - read here! | Organize 365

need an easier way to make the kids lunches ? how about having a lunch making station with baskets for all thoes snacks

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thats all for this week until next time happy pining