Monday, March 18, 2013

menu plan monday

i thought i would start doing menu planing on the blog because menu planing and couponing go hand in hand if you plan out your meals you can save on your groceries. hubby on odsp so i find it easier to plan out meals so we can buy only what we need.  I only plan suppers as it is only me and hubby but you can plan out all your meals if you like. here is what i have planned for my menu this week

Mon : steak and rice
Tue : chicken soup (was supposed to be BBQ chicken but hubby forgot to put the chicken out )
Wed : pasta ( i bowl on wednesday nights so something quick and easy)
Thurs : sausages and veggies 
Fri : meatloaf with mashed potatoes (hubby makes a great meatloaf )
Sat : pork chops and sidekicks (Ok i know processed food but its the end of the month)
Sun : hamburger stew (another of hubby's recipes)

that's all until next week, hope your menu planing goes well

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