Monday, March 25, 2013

menu plan monday

hello everyone

this week being the end of the month there is not much on the menu when i buy food i try to buy things that we can use towards the end of the month but does not alway work that way with limited funds. so our menu for this week is pretty bare so we had to repeat alot of meals until saturday when we go shopping because of good friday.

Mon : pasta
Tue : leftovers
wed : fish and homemade chips
thurs : pizza (because we are out with our group that day and then hubby has bowling ) or pasta again
fri : veggie stir fry maybe with tuna ?
sat : hotdogs (because we do groceries and other runing around that day)
sun : easter dinner at mom's :)

i'm linking up to organizing junkie's menu plan monday

that's all until next week hope your menu planing goes well