Sunday, March 3, 2013

review : iogo nomad

hello everyone

today i am reviewing iogo nomad drinkable yogurt i saw it in the store today and thought it would be great to try it is very creamy tastes like real fruit. I'm trying the strawberry one i love the fact that you can put the cap back on i have tried the yop but you cant put the lid back on. Iogo nomad is perfect for on the go it comes in 2 sizes 200ml and the 300ml that i'm trying it comes in 6 different flavors

 the 200ml comes in :

raspberry - strawberry
blueberry - blackberry
strawberry - melon

and the 300ml comes in :

mango - banana - pineapple

it's very smooth when drinking it and and does not taste like there is any added sugar just tastes all natural. It retails for $1.67 each but iogo has coupons reglurly for it i used one today for .75 off wich i only paid after the coupon .92 you really must try it :)